Fiona Spring

Fiona has an extensive sporting history, having swum competitively as a child, and competed in gymnastics at the elite level. She spent many years rock climbing and downhill skiing, but now focuses on cycling, swimming and cross-country skiing. Various sporting injuries led to an interest in manual medicine, and Osteopathy’s goal of helping the body express its inherent self-healing mechanisms really appealed to her.

Fiona enjoys treating people of all ages, and uses a wide variety of techniques, both direct and indirect. She has completed a number of post-graduate courses in Osteopathy in the Cranial Field, including three courses run by the Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation, and Phases 1 to 6 and Treatment of Children 1 and 2 in Biodynamic Osteopathy. Areas of interest include headaches and migraines, shoulder and knee problems, pre and post-natal issues, and post-surgical recovery (Osteopathy may be of great help in facilitating lymphatic drainage and tissue healing). She particularly loves helping people who have tried everything else but just haven’t been able to get relief for their complaint.

When not running around after her three boys, she enjoys gardening, reading and cooking.

Fiona works Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  For appointments, please call 9870 4455 or book online using this link.


Jaci Hartley

Jaci has been working at the Croydon Football Club for the past three years and is currently Head of Injury Management for the Senior and Reserve players. She has considerable experience working with indirect techniques, but also enjoys employing massage and more structural techniques as part of her tailored treatments.

She is passionate about working holistically to achieve long lasting outcomes for her patients and has a special interest in helping people with headaches, jaw complaints and pregnancy-related issues. Outside of Osteopathy, Jaci loves doing yoga and being outdoors. She regularly gets down to the beach at Mornington and enjoys camping along the Murray.

Jaci works Tuesday, Friday and Saturday mornings.  For appointments, please call 9870 4455 or book online using this link.